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Golf Channel GOLF CHANNEL's Vision Statement
To be THE 24/7 global destination golf fans turn to for the best in golf competition, entertainment and breaking news. Always relevant, passionate and insightful, we are the trusted source for all things golf.

A Culture of Responsibility
Our company credo says it all: Developed by our employees, it represents all levels of our organization. The credo reminds us of our focus and directs us forward in an ever-changing environment. We know that to achieve this benchmark of success as a company, we must contribute to the success of the communities in which we work, live, and serve.

Embracing the Core Values of Comcast and GOLF CHANNEL
Our Company, reputation, and true success are founded on the following core values:

Ethics - We will be true to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity.
Quality - We will commit ourselves to excellence in our products and personal relationships
Diversity - We will respect and reflect the customers, communities, and cultures we serve.
Employee Focus - We will invest in people with the belief that our company can only be as strong as its workforce.
Flexibility - We will maintain our ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.
Enthusiasm - We will work with an unbridled passion for our business.
Authentic & Meaningful - We must be authentic and always strive to deliver services and programming which are meaningful to our customers and viewers.
We vs Me - Good Companies become GREAT when the staff trusts in each other and everyone surrenders the 'Me' to the 'We.'
Exceed Customer's Expectations - Out Think, Out Work, Out Perform
Enjoy - One of the elements needed for great business results. Enjoying our work goes beyond just being happy in the workplace-it involves understanding, commitment, positive attitudes, and not taking things for granted. If you approach each day with a sense of enjoyment and passion, you will be fueled by that passion, and will be well on the road to building a great and successful company.
Be a Student - Learning your craft and trying each day to learn it just a little bit better.

Connecting Cultures, Strengthening Communities

Our commitment to diversity is woven in to the fabric of our business-it's reflected in our workforce, our suppliers, and our principles of social responsibility. We respect the individuality and dignity of others and revel in the differences and similarities that allow us to co-exist and enhance each other.

Diversity is historically defined as the inclusion of all people, without regard to differences in race, gender, culture, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability. At GOLF CHANNEL and our parent company Comcast, we extend this definition to encompass the inclusion of different thoughts, philosophies, and experiences. We recognize that a diversified workplace generates creative thinking, ideas, and results.

Diversity in Recruitment
Our Company is committed to creating a workforce that reflects society as a whole and incorporates a broad range of experiences and perspectives. Finding and hiring that talent ensures the future success of our company-and promotes the leaders of tomorrow.




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